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This brownie has 80mg of THC, a standard dose of edible cannabis is 10mg. Do the math, this isn’t to be eaten in 1 sitting. Our product research showed that 1/4 of the brownie will give you a pretty good buzz. Mostly a body high, the Krav a.b. Toklas brownie was a great way to relax on a Saturday afternoon. Don’t think you’ll be doing much of anything, as the high might be for the body, there is a euphoric realization of its effects. Very powerful by itself, but smoking a small joint to compliment the pot brownie will really melt you into the couch.

Made in Vernon, BC, Krav produces a delicious line of cannabis-infused edibles. Cheeba’s is proud to be a sales outlet for this exciting company.

Ingredients: organic sorghum flour, tapioca starch, coca powder, organic rice flour, organic buckwheat flour, sea salt, sugar, xanthan gum, baking soda, and natural flav

Ingredients wheat flour, sugar, soy milk, eggs, salt, vanilla bean, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and baking soda.

Dosage Should only be 1/2 a piece and 1/3 a piece if it is your first time. Each edible contains minimum 1.5 grams. Wait 3 hours between doses. Best to consume at home or comfortable environment

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10 pcs/10grams $80.00
15pcs/15grams $115.00
20pcs/20grams $150.00
30pcs/30grams $210.00


Cannabis brownies are also known as marijuana/weed/pot brownies. Whatever you call them, they are a popular choice for consuming marijuana. Find delicious marijuana brownies from popular brands like Double Chocolate Brownie for those who like a little extra crunch.

Unlike homemade cannabis brownie, these brownies have an even THC distribution. For the first-time user, you’ll want to try taking a small dose and wait to see how it handles.

Buy marijuana brownie online for those looking to enjoy marijuana. This is a great alternative to smoking, as it provides a different effect. Weed List provides the largest selection of infused cannabis brownies that are laboratory tested for potency. All orders are delivered discreetly to your mailbox.


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