Backwoods Honey Cigars


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Backwoods Honey Cigars

Introduced nationally in 1981, distinctive structure and shape with frayed ends, tapered body and unfinished hair. Provide a classic, fragrant smoking experience. Available in a wide variety and unique style, flavor and packaging, Backwoods has become the number one selling natural cigar worldwide.
Shop Honey Berry Backwoods online at JR Cigars. Therefore, Soft and small smoke with the most pleasant taste of fresh picked strawberries. Buy at JR Shiga.
Backwoods Honey Bourbon Cigars are cheroot-style stogies with a rustic appearance that combine the delicious mouth-watering flavors. Also,  with  sweet, golden honey mixed with

smooth bourbon. A very fragrant smoke, Backwoods are tiny sticks when you need a lot of rich, satisfying flavor in a short amount of time. Available straight from the affordable 24 piece box.


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